Advent Family Devotions

This blog is designed for individuals and families to share in discussion around the lighting of the Advent wreath. This may happen at a dinner table or in the living room. The goal is to get everyone talking and reading scripture together. There will be 5 devotionals a week and a prepartion day for the following Sunday on Saturday. We (Pastor Matt & Pamm Anderson) hope these devotions will help you and your family connect with God and each other this Advent Season.

December 19, 2015

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Candle of Love Day 1: From the Beginning...

December 6, 2015

This week we are looking at some the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament or the signs of Jesus’ coming in the Old Testament. Ways in which God prepared the way for Christ to enter into the world because he loves us.


As God is cursing the serpent after The Fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15 he says, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”  In this verse we see the first prophetic message of our coming Messiah.  The Old Testament is rich with verses that reassure the broken people of God about the hope of Christ; a hope that we have the privilege to experience every day, if we are willing. 


Can you think of a time in your life when you felt the victory of Christ?


Now the fall of humanity is not a very lovely thing to think about, but when we compare the direct disobedience of Adam and Eve, the lying, the excuses, the hiding, and contrast that with the reaction of God to immediately offer a hope for future reconciliation we see the deep love God has for us.  In Genesis 3:21 it says that God was even willing to make Adam and Eve clothing to help hide the embarrassment that came as a result of their sin. 


Have you ever seen God use a time of sin and/or confession to show his love to you?  (For personal reflection, although the act of sharing can be a wonderfully healing experience and is greatly encouraged:) Is there any sin in your life that is currently hindering your relationship with God?


There is never a wrong time to make sure your heart is right with God.  This Advent season as we reflect on God’s love that came to the Earth as a helpless baby on the very first Christmas, remember that God was willing to humble himself by becoming human in order to assure that we could have a relationship with him. 


Think of a way you could show the love of God to those around you, how does this action require you to demonstrate humility?


Light the candle of Love

Pray:  “God, thank you for loving your broken people from the very beginning.  Help me to love those around me with the same relentless love that you have shown me.  In Jesus name, Amen.”

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