Advent Family Devotions

This blog is designed for individuals and families to share in discussion around the lighting of the Advent wreath. This may happen at a dinner table or in the living room. The goal is to get everyone talking and reading scripture together. There will be 5 devotionals a week and a prepartion day for the following Sunday on Saturday. We (Pastor Matt & Pamm Anderson) hope these devotions will help you and your family connect with God and each other this Advent Season.

December 19, 2015

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Candle of Love Day 3: A Light in the Darknes

December 8, 2015

This week we are looking at some the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament or the signs of Jesus’ coming in the Old Testament. Ways in which God prepared the way for Christ to enter into the world because he loves us.


What are your favorite Christmas lights? In a certain shape or style? Are they multicolored? Icicle? Blinking? Classic White?


My current favorite Christmas lights are the ones in our front yard. They are two small miniature wiener dogs lit up with 70 lights. I think its because its my fondness for the small German breed and the fact that I own two of the real life variety or maybe they are just cute. I love them and they are a nice light in our yard when it is dark.


Read Isaiah 9:1-2


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and its pitch black? (Share about that experience.)

Like you my eyes adjust so I am able to see, maybe it is because the moon is full or there is a tiny night light at the end of the hall. But I can see because my eyes have adjusted to the dim light.


This passage reminds us that Jesus is our promised light. He is going to shine and things we don’t understand now will be brought into the light. Just as our eyes adjust in the dark our understanding has adjusted to our world. Yet God sent his light and is going to send his light again to flip the light switch. We are going to understand and know the love God has for us without the constraints of this world. This promised light, Jesus, has come and will come again.


How can you help others experience the Light of Christ? How can you shine a light in the darkness of our world?


Light the Candle of Love

Pray: God, Thank you for your love and the gift of your son, Jesus Christ. We thank you that Christ is the light of the world that shows us your love and grace. Help us to love you and one another. Send your Spirit so we can be your representatives of light and love in the world. Amen.

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