Advent Family Devotions

This blog is designed for individuals and families to share in discussion around the lighting of the Advent wreath. This may happen at a dinner table or in the living room. The goal is to get everyone talking and reading scripture together. There will be 5 devotionals a week and a prepartion day for the following Sunday on Saturday. We (Pastor Matt & Pamm Anderson) hope these devotions will help you and your family connect with God and each other this Advent Season.

December 19, 2015

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Candle of Love Day 4: Road Trips

December 9, 2015

This week we are looking at some the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament or the signs of Jesus’ coming in the Old Testament. Ways in which God prepared the way for Christ to enter into the world because he loves us.


A thought that often crosses my minds on road trips and sometimes even on lesser ventures around town is, “How long would this trip have taken me 200 years ago?”  The convenience and dependability of travel now a days is unprecedented, a thought worth reminding yourself when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic this holiday season. 


Read Isaiah 40:3-5


This prophesy about John the Baptist describes the duties of a royal security worker who would have been sent out ahead of the traveling King to take care of any physical problems on the road, like clearing fallen trees or filling potholes.  This person was also responsible to check for other safety issues, such as thieves and assassins, much like the Secret Service would protect high-ranking Government officials nowadays. 


In light of what you know about John the Baptist, do you feel like these verses describe his ministry accurately?  How does it make you feel to know this prophesy was written hundreds of years before John the Baptist was even born?  Skeptical? Reassured? Indifferent?


Commentators throughout Church history have felt that these verses are more than just a prediction about John the Baptist’s life.  They also serve as a personal challenge to “prepare the way” for the Lord in our own lives.  We need to scout our hearts, removing obstacles and mending relationships.  We need to keep watch against the enemy who seeks to exploit our weaknesses.  Is God capable of working through a person who has not been “prepared”?  Of course, God can use all people and there is nothing we do in order to earn God’s love.  Instead, because God loves us and wants to work through us we should be privileged to do all we can to be instruments of His love to the world.


Light the candle of Love

Pray: “Lord, help me to clear the way in my life for you to come through.  Let your love travel through me and show me how to serve you and others for the glory of your Kingdom.  Amen.”

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