Advent Family Devotions

This blog is designed for individuals and families to share in discussion around the lighting of the Advent wreath. This may happen at a dinner table or in the living room. The goal is to get everyone talking and reading scripture together. There will be 5 devotionals a week and a prepartion day for the following Sunday on Saturday. We (Pastor Matt & Pamm Anderson) hope these devotions will help you and your family connect with God and each other this Advent Season.

December 19, 2015

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Candle of Joy-Day 2: Joy to the World

December 14, 2015

Read Psalm 96:11-13


While studying this Scripture the song “Joy to the World” kept popping into my head.  The line, “and heaven and nature sing” have been in heavy rotation in our house over the last few weeks as Justus has been preparing for his children’s choir debut.  The idea that the physical world is able to show its praise to God simply by existing the way He intended it to is a comforting thought.  We aren’t required to be masters of creativity in order to worship God; simply being ourselves as He created us is enough. 


How do you worship God in your every day life?


This joy that nature is oozing is in anticipation of God’s judgment.  Judgment is not an idea that is often thought of very joyfully.  But the judgment of God is not to be confused with our imperfect, and often times even sinful, human judgment.  If the earth is singing God’s praise by merely existing, then the judgment of God can be likened to tuning an instrument.  God’s ‘righteous’ and ‘faithful’ judgment (v.13 NIV) will bring creation, and most notably humanity, back into accord. 


What changes would you expect to see in a perfect, Godly world?  What actions can you take to encourage those changes?


Light the candle of Joy (the pink one)


Pray: “God, thank you for the gift of creation, especially our lives.  Help us be instruments of your joy in all that we do, and encourage us to look forward to future perfection.  Amen.”

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